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Web App for library management

The application was created to satisfy the need of a customer to easily manage the books recorded to system and, of course, all of the user loans. This app is complex due to the implementation of two modules: the user’s frontend module and the librarian’s admin module.


Being a web app for library management, it requires two types of users: users and admins. As for admins, such as librarian, they are allowed to easly manage all of app’s users, all books and related loans. According to users, they are allowed to view registrated books and their availability, as well as own loans, if exists.


The web application offers the ability to be used on multiple devices such as a desktop or laptop, tablet, smartphones, so the application has a same design and the information being easily finding. The app is RESPONSIVE.


Used technologies:

  • DotKernel 1 & Zend Framework
  • PHP + MySQL
  • HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript + jQuery + AJAX
  • Bootstrap și Media Queries

June 10, 2018


PHP, Web App