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Web App for smart greenhouse

The web app was developed for a client in need of a web interface for an automated smart greenhouse. The greenhouse is connected to the internet, and via multiple sensors, data from the greenhouse medium like temperature, luminosity, and soil moisture is sent to an online database. From the database, the information is displayed in the web interface. Alongside with the extracted data, the greenhouse is equipped with control modules for ventilation and irrigation which can also be controlled from the web interface.


Technically, the web app is developed to be dynamic and responsive to any kind of device so that the client can access the greenhouse at any time, from anywhere by just having an internet connection. The main pages of the web interface are the Dashboard, Detailed pages for every sensor (temperature, luminosity, soil moisture), Users administrator page and also a System administration page.

Used technologies:

  • .NET Framework
  • MS-SQL
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Google Material Design

May 10, 2018


.NET, Web App